This domain was registered ages ago...  I had different content hosted here. For a long time here only lived HTTP 404 error page, but I've decided to come back.

For one's, who are new here, I will give a short introduction about myself.

I'm a programmer / DevOPS from Lithuania. Born in 90's, old enough already, but haven't seen SSRS with my own eyes. Lived in free country. I've started my professional work as an iOS developer. Later moved to Android side for a while, and even to Java world in backend... Although I have to use Java on a daily basis that isn't my favourite language for sure. I love to experiment with different technologies and languages. Node.JS, Go and Swift are just a few examples.

This time I will keep you posted with more technical stuff, experiments on K8S, different programming topics. But not only that. What else? Well, we will see. I have some ideas on that.

Btw, this page is also an experiment for me. I decided to move away from so popular Wordpress, and try something more exclusive. That's why this page is created using Ghost.